Orthopedic Implants and Instruments for more than 20 years.


RDMD e.K. is a supplier for orthopedic implants and instruments only.


RDMD e.K. began specializing in supplying orthopedic implants of its own brand, slowly reducing the other sale activities.


MEDICOR changed its name to RDMD due to many companies with a name similar or identical to MEDICOR. After the unexpected and sudden death of the company founder Mr. Wilfried Billhardt, Mr. René Michel became the director of RDMD e.K..


Mr. René Michel began preparations to supply orthopedic implants with MEDICOR brand in addition to the regular sales activities.


Mr. Wilfried Billhardt moved back to the country of his birth, Germany, taking MEDICOR with him. His nephew Mr. René Michel joined the company.


Company „MEDICOR“ founded in Ireland by Mr. Wilfried Billhardt, uncle of current director. MEDICOR was a pure sales company dealing with medical devices of all kind.